Do you have Gluten Free Menu Options?

We sure do - we have breads and cakes and other yummy stuff. Please be sure to ask in store.

Can I Bring My Fur Baby?

Of course you can! Fur Babies are more than welcome to take in the fresh air out the front, right next to you in the alfresco dining area - we love fur babies x

We may be small, but everyone is welcome.

Do You Have Real Baristas?

We sure do! In fact, one or two were trained in Australia and have served hollywood royalty!

Do you have a loyalty program?

Of course we do.  Loyalty is electronically managed via our Point of Sale. Our rewards are pretty awesome, be sure to check it out.

Do you use local and organic?

And as sustainable as we can! Why on earth would we use anything else? If we can source it locally and organic, we will.

Do You Have Wifi?

Sometimes Wifi can stop us all from having a good yarn (Australian slang for 'chat'). We love to have a yarn with our customers, Try going Old Skool and skipping the Wifi ;)