What our customers have to say...

Courtney C Yelp Elite

This event was just what I needed on a rainy cold night. I had such a great time hanging out with friends and learning about a business I had never heard of before because:
1. The food and drinks were delicious! Seriously! I got to try new things I would have never experienced before, like Vegemite and Aussie coffee! So cool. and oh yeah, coffee in an iced cream cone!!
2. Small cozy setting perfect for catching up with friends and meeting/ learning about the owner and her story making it to Maine.
3. The goodie back of Australian treats that I brought to work and bragged to everyone about and shared :)
4. My FAVORITE part of the night was the falafel! So yummy I will come back for this for sure! I want to try the lunch menu too!

Laura M Yelp Elite

Beware of drinking this coffee or what happened to me, may happen to you. Now my ordinary home brew coffee tastes like garbage... Kharis truly does make the best coffee in Portland... maybe even the world! The coffee really is to die for!!! The piccolo (spelling?) is scrumptious and smooth, but the iced Aussie is my new favorite!!! The falafel  was so flavorful!! I almost left out the best part!!! Coffee in a cone!! Scrumptious coffee in a chocolate coated waffle cone?!? Seriously!!! You have to try it to believe how delicious it is! Plus it's the only place in Maine you can get it!
Did I mention lunch? I had the lunch special burger  too delicious to describe!!! I will be back for more!!!
Check this place out for really great priced breakfast and lunch specials or for your new favorite coffee fix!
Make sure to check out the comfy decor, original details, top notch people watching, and amazing owners and staff.

Christa H Yelp Elite

I love the fact that One Six Green is the only place in New England to have coffee in a cone which was very delicious. I'd like to come back and maybe just get the cone! Australian chocolate tastes better than American but I can't really describe what makes it different.

Katy B Yelp Elite

One of my new favorite lunch spots! Had a delicious Greek salad topped with falafel that was fresh and tasty. They even added a few dolmas to the salad which was a nice touch and unexpected surprise. Their prices are just right. I tried the cold brew coffee and it was so smooth you didn't need any cream or sugar. My coworker got a gluten free brownie that she loved. This place is doing it right. Fast, fresh food in a great location. Very convenient if you work downtown. Can't wait to go back for breakfast!

Jenny D Yelp Elite

I don't know why you would get coffee anywhere else in Monument Square.  The service is outstanding and the espresso is perfect!

Get the piccolo with goat's milk. It's tiny but it's flavor is HUGE. Rich, smooth, and creamy, this little espresso beverage packs a punch.

Can't wait to go back and try the menu of tasty foods.

Dustin G Yelp Elite

I must say I've never heard of such a thing as an Aussie café. I was pleasantly surprised with their array of menu items the piccolo totally stood out as well as the yummy falafel's. The ristretto shots of espresso was delicious. I did not get to try any of the other hot items on the menu but will certainly come back and try the stuffed hamburger. this morning I've already tried the coffee on a cone again and it was still delicious as I remembered.  Parking wasn't so bad the second time around. If ever around monument square, this place is a must try to get your coffee fix and for sure it will be made/done right Aussie style

.. Kharis truly does make the best coffee in Portland...

...I love the fact that One Six Green is the only place in New England to have coffee in a cone ...